Full Size Self Care Boxes

The Subscription Box


Subscribe to receive a new self care box every two months. Delivered straight to your door, each box features 5-6 items from small, female-led business owners. Each item is specially chosen to encourage self care. We ship internationally!


A 'little box of magic' to quote one of our customers!

The Cosy Box


The Cosy Box is the PERFECT Autumnal self care gift box.


With five gorgeous products from small, Irish businesses including a soy wax candle, bath salts, homemade soap, a 100% merino hat and hot chocolate swizzle stick. It has everything you need to create cosy, comforting 'me time' on dark, cold evenings.

The Gratitude Box


The perfect box to help you start a daily gratitude practice which has been shown to reduce stress and increase happiness.


Included are the Mama Moments Gratitude Journal, a grounding essential oil, a beautiful cranberry face mask, loose leaf tea and an organic, reusable tea bag.



The New Mama Box


Including some of our best loved products, this is the perfect box for a new mama to encourage her to look after herself, as well as her new bundle. 


Inside is a beautiful grounding essential oil, cranberry facial grains, soothing epsom salts, nourishing lipbalm and a delicious orange & grapefruit tea.

The Feel Better Box


This very special gift box was created to provide warm, nurturing, cosy comfort to anyone who is feeling unwell. 


Including a super-soft 100% merino hat, nourishing lipbalm, handrolled 100% beeswax candles, tea and an organic reusable teabag. This is the perfect gift to send someone who needs a hug from afar.

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Mini Self Care Boxes

The Wake Up Happy 
Mini Box


Our Wake Up Happy mini box is the perfect mood booster to use every single day.


Both the cleanser and tea contain orange. The scent of orange is refreshing and uplifting . It provides an instant mood boost which can help reduce anxiety.


Perfect for starting the day right.

The Calming
Mini Box


A lot of us need some extra help calming our minds at the moment. This mini box can help you quiet your mind & feel more at peace. Including our 54 ways to ease the anxious mind card deck & a soothing sleep spray.


Perfect for anyone feeling a little anxious.


The Soothe Your Worries 
Mini Box


Sometimes our minds need a little help slowing down the carousel of constant worries and thoughts.


This little deck of cards contains 54 different suggestions of how to calm your mind. Paired with the lavender wax melts, this is the perfect duo for anyone looking to bring some more calm into their life.

Individual Self Care Products

The Gratitude Journal


The practice of gratitude journalling can be life changing (it was for me!). Your brain is designed to focus on the negative, but gratitude journaling helps to retrain your brain to focus on the positives.

The Mama Moments Gratitude Journal has been designed to make a daily gratitude practice quick, easy and enjoyable. 

54 Ways to Ease The Anxious Mind


This card pack is small enough to take with you wherever you go, so that whenever an anxious moment, or string of such moments, arises, you can dive in and find something to do to help you minimise the anxiety, stress or panic.

The Candles


A pair of beautiful, hand rolled, 100% pure, beeswax candles. These candles are the natural colour of beeswax and have a light, sweet, natural fragrance. They burn with a beautiful soft glow making them perfect for creating a warm, nourishing environment.⁣

Online Self Care Workshops

Each on demand workshop purchase includes:


  • Access to the 1 hour workshop video, including Q&A from the live event.
  • Downloadable worksheets and resources which help you put into action everything you learn in the workshop.
  • An invitation to join our private Calm Mamas facebook group which includes additional resources, weekly live talks from Sarah and live talks from visiting experts such as sleep consultants, health & fitness experts, parenting & nutrition consultants and more!


How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed


Do you collapse on the couch at the end of the day feeling exhausted? Do you feel like you will NEVER get on top of the to do list and your head is melted trying?


This 1 hour workshop will help you identify exactly what is causing your overwhelm and help put strategies in place to help you life your best life. You won't believe how fast this workshop will change your life!


How To Deal With The End Of Lockdown


Are you feeling stressed as lockdown comes to an end? Are you feeling anxious about being back in public spaces where not everyone is practicing social distancing? Are you feeling pressure from friends and family to go back to 'normal life' and ignore the guidelines around social distancing and travel?

This workshop will teach you exactly how to ease out of lockdown on your own terms.

How To Not Kill Your Partner During Lockdown


Do you feel like you are constantly at loggerheads with your other half? Are you forever having arguments and butting heads? 


This 1 hour workshop will show you exactly how you can bring harmony back into your relationship and make these days in lockdown much more enjoyable.

How To Kick The Isolation Blues


Are you are feeling completely overwhelmed and stressed out by isolation life at home with the kids? Do you feel like you are struggling with anxiety, low mood, frustration and like every day is groundhog day?


This 1 hour workshop will teach you exactly what you need to do to feel calmer, happier and more in control.


Free Resources

The 2-Week Cleaning System


This cleaning system is something I devised during the Covid-19 lockdown to help remind me to do all the cleaning tasks that aren't already built into my day by habit. It is designed to keep the house ticking over and in relatively good shape.



Remember, your house doesn't need to be perfect. There are enough balls in the air without putting that pressure on yourself.



But this might help you keep on top of the areas that are important to you, so that they don't add to your stress levels.



Download for free now by hitting the button below.

What our customers say

"I’m not one for any subscription services (allergic to commitment) but this one I honestly cannot live without. I look forward to it every 8 weeks and it really does make me want to mind myself <3 <3"

Jessica O'Neill


The only thing I love more than the contents of this @mamamomentsbox, is the idea behind it <3

Noeleen Byrne


It’s honestly like a little box of magic … it’s a subscription box, a bit like a Birch Box but better because it encompasses everything about self care in motherhood. I can only compare it to a hug in a box

Emma O'Leary


Mama Moments has done more for me in 

the past few months than I could ever tell you. I'm so glad I subscribed.


Geraldine Walsh


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