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Learn How To Live Your Best Mama Life

Being a mother can be really hard. The days feel overwhelming and endless. You feel like you are struggling just to keep your head above water. You collapse on the couch at the end of every day feeling exhausted, like you spent the whole day chasing your tail but achieving nothing. You never expected life with young children to be this hard.


I completely understand how you feel. I was there too. I felt like every day was a fight just to survive. I would count down the hours until bedtime and then feeling guilty for not 'enjoying them while they're young'. I felt like it was all passing in a blur of relentless days and I didn't know how to make it better.


Then I found a better way and now I can truly say I am living my best life.


Through the online workshops I teach you how to take back control of the days and the strategies you can put in place to set yourself up for success. I help you go from chaos to calm. 


Our workshops will help you live your best mama life!

On Demand Workshops

How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed


Do you collapse on the couch at the end of the day feeling exhausted? Do you feel like you will NEVER get on top of the to do list and your head is melted trying?


This 1 hour workshop will help you identify exactly what is causing your overwhelm and help put strategies in place to help you life your best life. You won't believe how fast this workshop will change your life!


How To Not Kill Your Partner During Lockdown


Do you feel like you are constantly at loggerheads with your other half? Are you forever having arguments and butting heads? 


This 1 hour workshop will show you exactly how you can bring harmony back into your relationship and make these days in lockdown much more enjoyable.

How To Kick The Isolation Blues


Are you are feeling completely overwhelmed and stressed out by isolation life at home with the kids? Do you feel like you are struggling with anxiety, low mood, frustration and like every day is groundhog day?


This 1 hour workshop will teach you exactly what you need to do to feel calmer, happier and more in control.


Hi, I'm Sarah!

I am a mother of two young children, a wife and founder of Mama Moments.


After becoming a mother in 2014 I struggled with postpartum ptsd, depression and anxiety which has given me a unique understanding of just how difficult motherhood can be. 
I became passionate about self care and the key role it can play in protecting mothers' mental health and helping us live better, happier lives. 
I founded Mama Moments to empower women to put themselves first on the list and take time for themselves every day. 
I help mothers live their best life. Now it's your turn.


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